Connect edition update 13 Task Navigation

I'm very glad to see that you have made Task Navigation (TN) easier to bring up. Having refined my hot-key use for the better part of a decade the thought of having to solely use the ribbon bar for all my commands gave me a nervous twitch. Hence setting MS_TASKNAVIGATION_CONFIGURATION = 1 then following the 3/4 other steps to activate it was the very first thing I looked up and ran when I installed CE. It was terrific. I was able to start playing around with the ribbon bar while still being efficiently by using TN. Happy days.

However, it now appears that you have made Task Navigation its own setting along with drawing, modelling etc. ie I can either have TN, or the ribbon, but not both. Have I overlooked something in its installation? I'm not sure why you changed it in this way but can you please let us use both at the same time? Having both is easily the best option for me because I still have my hot-keys the but the ribbon bar is much better than the V8i drop-down 'File - Edit - etc.' menus. 



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