IFC and Bentley software MicroStation V8i, MicroStation CE, AECOsim and BIM vision


I'm struggling with a large data set from one of our clients. They use IFC for the coordination model, but when reference this into MicroStation Connect Updt 13, V8i SS3, AECOsim it took a long time to load.

We need these files in-our native design software also but I get a hard feeling that this should  this is only one of the files :(

MicroStation Updt 13:  3:17 min

MicroStationV8i SS3:  2:17 min

AECOsim Updt4: 3:15 min

BIM Vission: 16 Sec!

Please take a look to these video's and if you have any idea please let me know.




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