Parametric cell profile projected along parametric cell path

I have created a parametric cell profile that I need to extrude along a path that is also a parametric cell.

Here is the girder profile:

And here is the path (with the profile at one end, rotated to be perpendicular to the path):

The arc is parametric so its length and radius can be modified to adjust the length and camber in the resulting 3D girder.

The extrude along path command doesn't recognize the parametric arc cell, and dropping the arc cell loses the parametric function.

I believe that I can't have both the girder profile and path profile in the same parametric cell as they are not planar, but perpendicular to each other.

In v8i SS4 I was able to accomplish this I believe with feature modeling or some other extrude command. 

How would I accomplish this in Connect, if it doesn't recognize the path cell and dropping it doesn't work either?

Thanks for any help.


Win 10

MS Connect Update 13