[V8i/CE] Text properties of Item Types are read only in v8i

I've created an Item Type in CE 13 with both Text, Integers and Points properties.

Attached it to a cell.

Placed the cell in a file.

Everything in CE 13.

If I open that file in V8i SS4 I can view the item type data using Element Information but only Integers, Number and Point properties are editable.

I would think text would be the least complicated.

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  • The concept of Item Types was introduced into MicroStation CONNECT Edition as a replacement to Tag Sets

    Well, officialy yes and it's true that Item Types offer a lot of very nice features, but from users' perspective it's not true at all, especially from usability perspective (which is far more important than whether it's based on better technology or not).

    With Tags and Tagset, it's "point and click" operation to attach tag with its value displayed. Item Types requires to define label cell and to store it in DGNLIB, which is 100x times longer and more complicated workflow. No way to use Item Types in this way. And with problem with Item Types > Labels syncrhonization in U13 and U13.1, Item Types now look not very reliable for some users.