[CONNECT U13] GPU blacklist (Software graphics)

Does this message if setting QV_GLSTATS and status "Software graphics" in view window means that there is some blacklist for GPUs?

Rasterizer: D3D11 Feature Level 11.0 (D3D hardware disabled - known bad driver - 16)

  • Yes, That is indeed an old GPU that does not have a good known D3D11 driver for it.  It is one of the many cards that NVIDIA has put into "Legacy" mode, which means that they do not update its drivers very often.  Since the driver that they last put out for these legacy cards broke functionality that our D3D11 interface uses, we cannot run them in D3D11 mode.

    The D3D9 interface is no longer supported beginning with Update 13.  We had to drop support for that archaic interface in order to support new features and hardware with D3D11.  In addition, we upgraded our software rasterizer to Microsoft WARP which is threaded to take full advantage of CPU horsepower when software graphics are needed.  The WARP software rasterizer can even be faster than running on an older GPU in D3D9 mode, depending on the CPU and GPU in question.  Trying to fall back to D3D9 will indeed automatically go to software mode instead with Update 13.


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