lost reference paths when upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10

Just got upgraded to windows 10 from windows 7. when i open a drawing all my reference file paths are broken. Once I re-path they are fine when i re-open. i have a lot of drawings, Is there a fix for this or do i have to re-path all the drawings?

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  • Hi Tim,

    lets' say it was INTENDED to be resolved by MS_RFDIR

    If the intention is to resolve this by MS_RFDIR, then the problem lies with the setup of Microstation and it's configuration variables.  This is true of using specific configuration variables in a reference as well--ie for "Details2019:Detail-01.dgn" to resolve, the "Details2019" configuration variable needs to be set up properly.

    I do not expect Microstation to know the user's intent.  What I do want, is a way of specifying your intent, especially related to the storing of full path information.  If the user specifies a "relative path" or "configuration variable", Microstation should not save a "full path" in the background and not give the user a warning about using that "last resort full path".  Also, the user should be able to specify a full path, and be able to see and confirm that full path, and not have Microstation find a different file in the "check list" before it gets to that full path.

    Tim, you are totally correct.  If Microstation is not set up correctly, then your drawings will not show correctly.  There are configuration variables, preferences, etc. which will affect the way your drawing appears and prints. 

    Tim, I am also going to venture to say that I am also correct.  Either of us could be correct in the initial problem, but there is a secondary problem going on here: 

    Once I re-path they are fine when i re-open.

    Now if the intention was to use the full path, Terence is doing the correct fix (maybe).  If the intention was to use any other method, including MS_RFDIR, he is wasting his time fixing the hidden full path.  He putting a temporary fix on the result, and not addressing the problem.  If anything, this could hide the real problem until it becomes an even bigger one.

    So either and/or both of us could be correct for this user's situation.  Unless we get more information from their IT department, we will never know, and it really doesn't matter (as long as they get it fixed).  My hope is that the typical user is given the choice of (storing a full path) or (not storing a full path), so when this is an operator error (rather than a setup error), we won't get surprised when the full path is changed.  (And just as a side note, my comments are not just theoretical. I have personally encountered these issues.  Also, a couple weeks ago my coworker, who works from two different locations, had her reference files "break" because she did not realize that Microstation was depending on the hidden full path.  Her orders were to get the project sent out immediately, but she was unable to do that.)


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