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MicroStation Connect Update 13

I am trying to control the version of the .imodel version being published with a script to 1.6 and not 2.0. It looks like the settings file I created and that is loaded is not supporting the imodel version output setting. Anyone have any ideas or solution for this issue before I file a ticket?

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  • We could add this option by default with MSTN key-ins

    Either that, or clarify MicroStation Help to include those *.exe options.

    Obscure Key-Ins and Hidden Documentation

    If you browse to the ITG directory  C:\Program Files\Bentley\ItgDgnDbImporter 1.5\ you will find the Bentley_DgnDb_iModel_Importer_2.0.pdf ReadMe for similar details

    If your job involves working with the ITG directory, then I'm sure that's a good place to look.  But, for the average MicroStation user, is it reasonable to expect him to make that unintuitive exploration?  MicroStation Help is a well-known document, available from the MicroStation UI.  If you want to make a user aware of arcane key-ins, put them in MicroStation Help.  If you want to make a user aware of a well-hidden PDF document, put that in MicroStation Help as well.

    Import or Export?

    The PDF documents you cite have the title Bentley DgnDb iModel Importer.  That's misleading to a MicroStation user, who wants to publish or export DGN data.  They don't want to import an iModel: they want to export an iModel.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions