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MicroStation Connect Update 13

I am trying to control the version of the .imodel version being published with a script to 1.6 and not 2.0. It looks like the settings file I created and that is loaded is not supporting the imodel version output setting. Anyone have any ideas or solution for this issue before I file a ticket?

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  • in technical terms it imports all the contents of the DGN into a fresh .imodel

    I'm sure, technically speaking, that you're correct.  However, help manuals should reflect the product user's viewpoint, not that of the author of the tool.

    To learn more about creating .imodels using the Bentley DgnDb iModel Importer ... refer to the help in .pdf file available in its installation directory

    The DgnDb iModel Importer is mentioned in MicroStation help.  However, there's no mention that DgnDb iModel Importer is a separate executable, there's no mention of that PDF help document, and there's no mention of a separate installation directory.  Why can't the useful information you've written above be added to MicroStation help?

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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