Having a problem with stacked fractions

I have previously been using MicroStation V8i (SELECTseries 4), version

I typically use font "3 General Text". When I use dimensions, the stacked fractions box is checked to be enabled, and the "type" is "From Font".

Everything works perfectly. The fractions are stacked when I place dimensions. They stay that way when I edit the dimension text, and when I place text (using the same font) the dimensions are stacked and look exactly like the text shown in dimensions. It has been that way for the past 15+ years for me.

BUT .... now I am trying to get acclimated with MicroStation CONNECT Edition Update 13, version

This is not my first rodeo, so I have pulled across some of my old RSC files which I have been using for years, including my font files. Some of them are a bit finicky, so I make sure the configurations are set to mimic my older version set up, down to the order the RSC files are listed (last file overwrites any common font types in previous files).

Now, when I place a dimension in the CONNECT Edition, everything looks exactly the same as the old version. Same font, fractions stacked as before. But if I edit the dimension text, any new fractions I input are not stacked. Also, if I place text, no fractions are stacked. I am inputting everything exactly the same as before. As best I can tell, all the configurations and settings match my old version (I have both open at the same time and go back and forth to compare). I can open a DGN file in the old version and everything works as always. If I open the same file in the new CONNECT version, 

If I enter a stacked fraction in text in the old version, then open that file in the new version, it looks great. But if I edit that fraction in the new version, it doesn't stack.

I have found the "right click / stacked fraction" tool, but sheesh, that is awful cumbersome and the resulting stacked fraction does not look the same as those shown automatically when placing a dimension.

Am I missing something here, or is this what MicroStation has become?

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