MIcroStation Connect Update 13 - Display styles doesn't seem to work in Reference Presentation

In contrast to MicroSTation Select Series 4, display styles doesn't seem to work in the Reference Presentation. What am I doing wrong?

File (Illustration display style) with Reference presentation Wireframe in Connect. The reference is displayed as Illustration.

Same file in SelectSeries 4 - Now the reference is displayed correct.

Regards Louis

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  • I've found a workaround. It's hackey and horrible and isn't how you should work in CAD (IMO), but it works.

    1. Open a Model that references in the file you actually want to work on.

    2. Select the Presentation style of the referenced file to how you want it to display.

    3. Reference in the other files. Do the same for them.

    4. Set the the Primary View to "Wireframe"

    5. Magically, the references will follow what you want for screening/line width/whatever.

    6. Select and Activate the reference you wanted to work on, and mumble under your breath that this is a silly silly silly way to do it.

    This is a stupid way to do it, as the presentation style you set in the reference setting should reign no matter what, but whatever.

    /s maybe Bentley will decide to make it work like it did in SS4, but I can tell that they're not real excited by the thought of making their software work like it used to. /s