Editing Item Types

Is it possible to edit multiple item types at once?

I have multiple .cel files with multiple models within each that all have a common item type "manufacturer". I would like to edit some of the "manufacturer" for some .cel files, without changing all of them by changing it in the dgnlib file. Is there an easier way to do this rather than going into each model in each .cel file and clicking on each item to then edit its item type info?

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  • too bad this isn't already an option in MicroStation

    Item Types are new with MicroStation CONNECT.  More people should start to use them: so congratulations on being amongst the vanguard!  I think Item Types are terrific: they provide much of the functionality of MicroStation tags but with a number of improvements.  Tags provides an 'update' tool, similar to that which you propose but limited to the active model. MicroStation Reports and Tables are a consequence of Item Types.

    Your proposal is to have an Item Type update tool that updates Item Type properties in the active model, or in all models in the active DGN file.  Post that as an Idea.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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