Reference Attachment Settings - Scale accuracy problem

When attaching a file and trying to apply a scale factor to greater than 6 digit precision in the Attachment Settings dialog it rounds the value.

But if you go ahead and attach the file and then apply the greater than 6 digit precision value in the Reference Manager dialog.  It honors this greater value even though it shows the number to get rounded just the same as in the attachment dialog.

Is there a variable that controls attachment precision accuracy?  This seems to me to be a real flaw in referencing files.

FYI this is for attaching a file with grid or surface scale factor applied to it.

Thanks for any input on this topic.

Microstation V8i S4

and a Texan if this helps

  • Hi Brandon,
    A bit late response, however you can attach reference and apply greater than 6 digit precision in MicroStation CONNECT Edition. Since SS4 support will end, this will not be changed/fixed for V8i. I would suggest updating to CONNECT.


  • Robert is correct - whatever is going on, it is not going to be fixed. While I'm not that technical a person, it may even be related to the 32-bitness of SS4.

    It sounds as if you have found a workaround, and with the older software, a workaround is about the best we can get. Good luck.


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  • it may even be related to the 32-bitness of SS4


    All processors, for several decades, have included 64-bit floating-point (FP) processors in their hardware.  Yes, even a 32-bit Intel x86 has a 64-bit FP processor!

    MicroStation uses, and always has used, 64-bit FP calculations internally.  Prior to MicroStation V8, and to remain compatible with ISFF, MicroStation stored points as 32-bit integers.  Consequently, MicroStation has been able to take advantage of 64-bit FP hardware for its entire life.

    The change from 32-bit V8i to 64-bit CONNECT means that integer arithmetic is now 64-bit.  That includes memory address calculations, so MicroStation CONNECT can see all the memory provided by the computer.  Geometric calculations continue to use 64-bit FP hardware.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions