Renaming a Level Name that is a number

I have two levels with following names and numbers

Level Name  - Number


Roads       - 4

4           - 318


Main aim is to use keyin to rename Level 4 to Text, like this.


Roads       - 4

Text        - 318



When i keyin LEVEL SET NAME 4 TEXT, the level "Roads" with level number 4 is renamed to "TEXT". like this:


Text      - 4

4         - 318


I tried using quotes LEVEL SET NAME "4" TEXT, but does not work.

I cannot rename using level number 318 because this varies from file to file (I have bunch of files to process). Any suggestions how to rename levels that have 'numbers' as names?

Thanks in advance

- Mohammed Ansari

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  • Level numbers are internal

    Each level has a textual user-assigned name e.g. Level 1.  Each level may have an optional user-assigned numeric code e.g. 1234.  The code may be empty; the code may be zero; MicroStation doesn't care about it.

    Each level name and its level code, if present, must be unique in a DGN file or DGNLib.

    Internally, MicroStation assigns a unique 32-bit  Level ID to each level in a DGN file.  The Level ID is not visible to a user or administrator.  

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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