[CE U13.1] Bug: Missing key-in "VBA EXECUTE"


in V8 it was possible to run simple VBA statements directly from MicroStation key-in "vba execute <vba statement>". In some workflows it was the only way how to e.g. set some values.

This issue has been discovered and discussed several times already (e.g. here), but I don't find any conclusion whether Defect number has been assigned or an explanation why this very useful key-in was removed in CONNECT Edition.

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  • It's not documented in product documentation

    More accurately, it used not to be documented.  I notice that the VBA help doc has been updated (see MicroStation VBA Key-ins)...

    To execute a VBA statement with a key-in:

    Use the following key-in:
    MACRO VBA EXECUTE [projectname] <statement>

    However, the documentation also has this...

    To run a VBA macro from a currently loaded project:

    Use the following key-in:
    MACRO VBA RUN <macro name>

    But I know that the old key-in works perfectly well...

    VBA RUN <macro name>

    So sometimes we must prefix a VBA command with MACRO, at other times it's unnecessary.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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