Need to Run Reports based on a selected set of items. But not seeing Selection Type option.

Need to Run Reports based on a selected set of items. Upgraded to Update 13 but don't have the option to set selection type in the Report dialog that was shown in .  Are there limitations on when this is available?

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  • Can you tell me how you got the properties dialog to come up on screen

    When you define a Report, you first use the New report definition button. On clicking that button the UI adds a new Report Definition, and gives you the opportunity to rename it.  Here's an example...

    Report Example

    At the same time, the UI shows the Properties pane.  Start with the Included Items sub-pane.   You can add an Item Type here, or you can add other objects such as DGN Elements, or both of those.  I don't find the UI especially intuitive — perhaps you'll fare better than me.  Probably you need to experiment — it's easy to take a wrong turning and create a nonsensical report.

    I've published a few example report definitions, that operate on DGN Elements.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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