[Sheet model creation from Named Boundaries] Custom prefixes/suffixes for Models made by Named Boundary Create Drawing function


I couldn't find answer to my question on the forums, so I decided to ask it directly.

[OpenRoads Designer 2019 Release 2/ PowerDraft Connect Update 13]

I want to know whether we are able to control naming of models generated through Named Boundary "Create drawing" option.

By Default, while making Drawings from named boundaries, made Models (Drawing and Sheet) are named by default like ("Name" is derived from Create Drawing window):

Drawing:    "Name"

Sheet:         "Name"&" [Sheet]"

Is it possible to change that for other suffix/prefix? What I want to achieve is to set Drawing to have [Drawing] Suffix and remove [Sheet] Suffix from Sheet models.

I couldn't find any corresponding Config Variable or option in seed files.

I'm using my own Drawing Seeds, where I tried to change naming of the models (Drawing&Sheet), but that wasn't helping.

I'd be grateful for any help.



  • I do not think there is a way to customise the '[Sheet]' suffix - happy to be proved wrong, of course.

    What is the reason for you wanting to swap where the suffix is used?

  • Thank you for your reply Mark.

    I'm using model name as sheet code within my organization which I'm placing via Text and Model Properties. The [Sheet] Suffix is the only thing that prevents the nearly complete automation of the process of creating Sheets for us, because we have to change those suffixes manually. The [Drawing] one isn't really important, crucial one is Sheet's name. I'm wondering about using some macros, but I found out that it messes up References (when changing name of Drawing's) and I have to change reference model in each sheet afterwards.

    The solution in which I am able to choose my own suffixes and (preferably) prefixes is ideal for me, sadly I know it is possible that it can not be achieved.

    Even some way of using e.g. String Trim functions within Text's Properties fields would be greatly beneficial for me.