3D Basics of MicroStation CONNECT Edition - Master Class

Check out a Master Class on 3D Basics of MicroStation CONNECT Edition by Sam Hendrick in his engaging style. This is a great set of tutorials for beginners and a refresher for experts.


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  • Hi Thank you so much for putting some time to comment on my question. yes exactly, I mean by body a 3D solid (i am coming from fusion 360) and yes I want to generate 2D detail drawings for each 3D solid,  suppose I have 2 (3D) solids and they are attached to each other, if I follow the steps in the tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1KedbCv_T8&list=UUHBuZrXlQImsHnXUiGTFIvQ&index=19) when I select Plan Callout tool and start creating a top view, both solids will appear in the same sheet model. Let us say I want to create Plan Callout for each solid, should I move the solids apart so that I can work on each one separately, or is there another way. Please note that for dgn file with few solids it is easy to move the solids apart but if there are a lot of solids then moving the solids around to be able to create 2D detail drawings will require a lot of work.

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