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I am referencing in a file and want one of the levels to be transparent. I go to Level Manager, the specific level, then properties, then set transparency to 50% and works fine. Then I hit save settings, exit the file. However, when I come back to the file, that level is no longer transparent. How do I get the transparency to stick?

  • ok will try to help you but .. you dont tell us much .. you should always state for good practice in all future posts items 1 to 4 as the answers will change on these dependencies...

    1.what version of mstn are your using?

    2. what is your exact work flow . dont spare the text we cant talk to you so tell as much detail as you can ... use pictures

    3. are your ref attaching to model, then ref attach model to a sheet model?

    4. can you upload , post a example file which shows your problem?

    ok lets assume your  using a sheet model and at least v8iss4-10

    your  using in effect a nested ref and the way we set up mstn,  changes to nested refs don't show up in the destination unless you change the file in the nest..

    This is what  I have found seems to work in these sheet situations.. go to the active drg model make the changes to the symbology.

    Swap to the sheet  model now you can see that the symbology change has not updated..

    Detach the ref, yse I said detach the ref now use the undo, this reattaches the ref and for me it now has the updated symbology!

    Why? I don't really know but it must some how refresh what is needed and just does it... yep I found it by accident and I only tested it once or twice.. but heck what you got to lose.. worse case you detach manually and reattach manually in the model and it shows up in sheet how you want it...

    and if it works then please let us know and put a vote plus.. including others who try this ok..

    Best I can do without any real information ( items 1-4) ok?

    oh I forgot check overrides are applied or not applied and if  your using bylevel and if you have a dgnlib to control levels can also stop changes to levels.


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  • As Lorys suggested, it is always a good idea to provide details of the software and version you're using.

    MicroStation Forum best practices

    Apart from the other questions asked by Lorys, it would also be helpful to know what format your files are as this can make a difference to the operation of settings like this.

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  • There are several ways to limit the changes made to level properties of a reference file.

    The first one I would look at is a design file setting that will discard changes to reference level tables. You can look up REFLEVELOVERRIDES in the help file and it can explain it better than I can. But you can test if that's your problem pretty quickly. go to the Key-In dialog and type SET REFLEVELOVERRIDES and see if it's ON or OFF (I think you might want ON). You can change that setting with the same command followed by ON or OFF (as in SET REFLEVELOVERRIDES ON).

    There are also configuration variables that will automatically "synch" levels back to the DGNLIB definition - it's possible that you have those in play as well.


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