[CE U12] Level numbers

I'm having an issue with level numbers in CE. In both V8i and CE all of my levels in my .dgnlibs have the numbers set to nothing.

When I view a dgn file in V8i with the level dgnlibs referenced by the MS_DGNLIBLIST variable the level number field for all of the levels is blank, as I would expect.

In CE, that is not the case. Using the same scenario all of the levels are numbered. I have levels defined in four separate dgnlibs. When I view them in level manager I have four levels assigned the number 1, four levels assigned the number 2, etc. 

In V8i levels with duplicate numbers aren't available.

I have one design file in CE where this creates a problem. Placing an element on one of the number 1 levels it displays correctly until you complete the placement, then it moves to the Default level. My only work around to this point has been to import all of the levels from the dgnlibs into the active design file. Then all of the level numbers are blank and I can place elements correctly.

So what's up with the level number display in CE?


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