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Our firm has been trying to setup Sheet Indexing and we are experiencing some issues. When we open the Explorer dialog and go to the Sheet Index Tab the necessary icons are not available.

First image shows our Sheet Index tab. Right-clicking on the 1 icon that is there brings up Refresh (greyed out with a check mark) and Show All. Selecting Show All does nothing. The second shot shows what icons should be available.

A colleague discovered that the Personl.explorer-settings,xml, which is pointed to by a config variable has different values than the one supplied with the training materials. He edited the .xml file and was able to get the icons to appear, however the icons are all greyed out.

He did have post on the ORD forums, but this is a Microstation issue. https://communities.bentley.com/products/road___site_design/f/geopak-inroads-mx-openroads-forum/190394/sheet-index-toolbar-missing-icons

While it is good that he was able to get the icons to appear WE SHOULD NOT NEED TO MODIFY .XML FILES!!!!!

Also, going into the Explorer Settings dialog through the backstage shows only 1 option, to make the Sheet Index Tab visible in Explorer. 

This post https://communities.bentley.com/products/betas/openroadsdesignereap/f/openroads-designer-early-access-forum/130787/sheet-index states that you only get the icon when you enable the Edit Sheet Index option. Where do you go to enable the Edit Sheet Index option.

I do have a file where I created a sheet model and I had Add to "Sheet Index" checked on. When I look at the properties of the Sheet Model under the "Sheet" tab "Sheet Index" value shows Not in Sheet Index (greyed out). Also right-clicking on the sheet model in the Models dialog box I see to option relating to Sheet Indexing. 1 is Remove from Sheet Index 2 is Navigate to Sheet Index. Both a greyed out.

I did look at this through an out-of-the-box install of Microstation using the Trianing Material workspace/Workset. Both the Training & my customized configurations for the variable MS_EXPLORER_SETTINGS are pointing to the same .xml file (this would be the one a colleague modified on his PC), but the Sheet Indexing icons appear in the Training workspace.

So is this controlled by a .dgnlib somewhere? I am at a loss trying to track this problem down.

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  • Oh, we are well aware of the bugs & are feeling the pain of a beta testing mentality. One thing after the other! I did figure out that editing the .xml file was not the solution & that file is not the root of the issue.

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