MicroStation Connect Edition Item Type Reporting wildcard filter.

I'm attempting to create a report and would like to filter the items using a wildcard. For example I have a bunch of pay items that all share the 1st 5 #'s and there are a lot of them. These Pay Items are attached as item types to dgn elements. I don't want to have to list out every single pay item, but would like to use a wildcard after the 1st 5 numbers.  I was wondering if I could filter using some sort of wildcard like 028457* or *028457*. 

I have attempted this with a number of variations but have not found one that works.

I have tried:





and a number of other variations with no success. Is this possible? If not does anyone have another recommendation to do something similar to this?

I am using the latest version of MicroStation Connect Edition.

Thanks in advance for your help!