how to change direction of multiple lines simultaneously?

I have multiple  lines , how can I change direction of all of them at once? Right now I'm using utilities-key-in-change direction, it's a hectic task when there are many lines. Thanks!!

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  • The edit curves works also, but it gives you 10,000 directional arrows to click...
    it can be done using simple VBA macro

    I've packaged Jan's suggestion into a VBA project...

    LA Solutions: change line direction

    The project is freeware.  Extract the VBA project and put it in a well-known folder where MicroStation can find it.  It should work with MicroStation V8i and MicroStation CONNECT.

    • You have the option, if a fence is active, to modify lines that meet the current fence settings.
    • You have the option, if a selection set is active, to modify lines in that set.

    If neither of the above, the tool modifies all lines in the active DGN model.

    You don't have to be a VBA whizz to use this tool: just download the ZIP file and run the key-in.  If you are interested in VBA the project is not locked, so you can examine its code.

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions

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