Any work around with having too many hidden lines (visible edges) with channels?

V8i (SELECTseries 3)

Any work around with having too many hidden lines (Display style -visible edges) with channels?

I am trying to start using saved reference views, when making shop drawings. I reference a saved views from my 3D model to my 2D sheet drawing.
I used display style - visible edges. The problem with this method, the view ends up being way to confusing, since there are so many hidden lines (see example). At least half of those hidden lines are not necessary.
With W structural shapes I found a workaround. By deleting all the rounded corners, I end up with less hidden lines in my 2d sheet drawing.

But channel structural shapes are especially problematic in certain views (SEE BC). Side view L look ok, only one hidden line.  Even after removing rounded edges, I still get more hidden lines then I would like to see (SEE BC in picture). See A, which shows only one hidden line per side. So my solution for now is to distort the channel to all square 90 deg corners (H). The only issue with that is, my profile shape is distorted a lot (J not distorted too much).

I wish there was a way to have line B disappear, without changing my channel profile.
Any ideas how can I avoid having so many hidden lines, especially for channels?