[CONNECT] Editing a ContextCapture Reality Mesh


I have been working with ContextCapture to generate models, and I am now looking into editing them to tidy up some parts. The edits themselves are not too large, but in multiple places and moderate sized throughout the model. Essentially I am looking to remove some less important piping that goes around the model to get a clearer view of the rest of it.

I was wondering if there is any other/faster way to edit the model than the Delete Mesh Facet method shown in this video? Almost like a sort of "eraser" style function to remove many facets at once.

I was also wondering if there was a method to import multiple tiles of a tiled ContextCapture production to Microstation at once? It would make it easier if I could see many tiles at once, but I'm not sure if it is possible.

Thanks and have a good one!