V8i tasks in MicroStation CONNECT

In MicroStation V8i, we use the task in MainClassic.dgnlib. Because our users want to continue using the same key-in shortcuts in MicroStation CONNECT, we copied this dgnlib to the CONNECT-environment.
In MicroStation CONNECT Update 13, we select the workflow Task Navigation and the task Main Classic. But then, in the ribbon group Manipulate, the first five tools are not correct:
 instead of Copy the tool Copy to Clipboard is displayed
 instead of Move, Scale,Rotate and Mirror the raster tools Raster Move, Raster Scale, Raster Rotate en Raster Mirror are displayed

We opened MainClassic.dgnlib (CONNECT-version) and tried to correct this via Customize. But when we drag a separate tool (or the complete Manipulate tool box) from the application tools into the task, the application-tool reference is immediately changed into the raster version of the tool.

How can this be solved?