Text Editor for Dimensions


Moving toward CE with a new project and hitting some snags.

We have text styles set up and dimension styles set up. The dimension styles reference the text styles. The text styles have "our" preferred settings established so that we shouldn't need to adjust much after placing the dimension.

When placing the dimension, our appropriate text height (annotation scale) and font (pulled from the text style) show up correctly. We do not get fractions to auto stack, however. When we edit the dimension text, the text editor shows the text style as Style (none). The specific font and text height from the style (annotation scale not applied) show up correctly along the top. The properties for the dimension show that it is utilizing the correct dimension and text style. When I set the style back to our pre-made text style, the text shrinks to the annotation scale unapplied size. I saw a post about scales.def and checked it out, but is exactly what comes from the default download.

I have reverted my config files back to the default install and attempt a similar, but more direct variation. I opened a "No Workspace - No Workset" file and created a text style "new" and a dimension style "new" and adjusted a few settings in each. Saved the styles, saved the file, saved settings. Re-opened the file. Went to place a dimension and I got the same problems. Is this a Connect Edition problem?

Using MicroStation CE

Windows 7 Pro Service Pack 1