SS10 Cross Section Features show up on Default Level Only

We switched over to SS10 (version about 3 months ago. We started noticing that when we generate cross sections in SS10 our 3D feature line cells only showed up on level default, whereas in SS4 they would match the level assigned to them in the Element Templates. See examples below:

SS10 Centerline Feature Cell:

SS4 Centerline Feature Cell:

This is true for all the 3D feature cells that we use (ROW, wetlands, utilities, etc.)

Does anyone know of a solution to this problem and/or have any ideas as to what could be differing between SS4 to SS10 like configuration variables or settings?

Please let me know and thanks!


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  • Andrew,

    We are using a plain installation, the tools we are using are the Civil Tools.

    Here are the two files you will need to run the test:

    ALI.dgn contains the alignment feature that will show up in both the dynamic and static XS.

    xs.cel is the cell library that will need to be attached for the cell to show up in the XS.

    Usually we cut cross sections from a container file, so this could be any file you choose. If you just reference the above two files and add the cell library you should see the center line cell in either the dynamic or static cross sections.

    Please let me know if you need anything else,


  • I downloaded your files and opened in ss4 ( sorry no 10) and also in CE13

    When I attach cells in your  .cel file all the cells attach as drawn with their specific level names from inside the named model... the majority of the models have  the level name CELL DEFAULT including the centreline cell , but we have no element template so I cant reproduce your problem.... when I attach the cells from .cel and use place cell  I don't tick relative , but I do tick true scale...

    Same result for me in CE13... so not seeing what you get, also the centre line cel  model is not a linestyle but a long line a gap then a short line etc and the linestyle is 0

    maybe you have a dgnlib being loaded with overrides of level and linestyles you don't expect?


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  • Thanks for the DGN and Cell files but I must agree with Lorys. Just having the Cell Library attached does not show exactly what you are explaining. Also, from the properties of the DGN file it appears to have been last modified using Power Geopak V8i ( and not plain MicroStation. It also appears to be that these levels in this DGN file come from or are defined by a Design Library. It does not appear this is related to the old CivTools MDL but when you mentioned "Civil Tools" are you actually meaning Power Geopak? You might find more appropriate support with the team that specifically looks after this software, rather than the MicroStation Forum.

    Andrew Bell
    Technical Support
    Bentley Systems

  • That makes sense - I will post it in the Power Geopak forum. Thanks all!