Do 3D Graphics Need to be Near Global Origin/Do Solids Working Areas [SWA] Still Apply?


[MS v8i Products]

Ive read many posts on Global Origin and Solids Working Area, and am none the wiser. Do 3D Graphics still need to be Near Global Origin of a file so that they fall within Solids Working Areas [SWA]? or is this not the case now, on v8i products anyhow

Som posts say yes,some say no. Others talk about GOs and moving them. Surely there is knowledge on this?

If i have a Project in the London area then the Origin of the survey grid, 0, is a long way away. KIf my Seed has been set with a true 0, does this matter or should the seed file be set up to have a Global Origin in the centre of the Project?

Additionally, I have played with moving the GO as a test but when i use GO=, Monument Point, Click a defined point, my GO changes for that session, but as soon as i exit an MS Session and reload that file, the GO is back to where it was. So i cant even test moving the GO!!

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