WFH - Performance issues working remotely connecting via VPN

I am currently working remotely connecting via VPN. MicroStation takes over 10 min to load a small file and several min to execute any command. what options or procedures can I follow to improve the performance. (i have high speed internet connection).

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  • I have been advised that CONNNECTION client slows down broadband speed which is not good when working from home.

    Even when 900 KB mentioned by sounds like a lot, in today world it's nothing. I would like to see much smaller number, but when compared with average page of single web page (2 - 4 MB) and data streaming capacity required for calling or video conferencing (Skype, Team, Hangouts etc.), the impact is minor.

    In my opinion much bigger issue is how VPN is configured. From a client's perspective, there are 3 different types of communication: (A) with local network, (B) with Internet and (C) with company internal servers. Many companies use VPN in such way that (A) is forbidden (e.g. not possible to print on home printer, when connected using home network or wifi) and (B) even when can be "communicated directly", is routed through VPN and company network. Whereas such solution makes some sense in terms of security (all communication is checked by company firewall), it's increases network traffic to/from company a lot.

    My feeling (I have not any benchmark in my hands, only information from some my customers) is that very often problem now, when home office is used by many employees, is not in last mile (home Internet connection) or in any specific software, but in the company Internet connection capacity. These connections and infrastructure (firewalls, VPN management...) have been designed for "normal use", which can be e.g. 10% external connections and 90% people connected in local network. But now everybody are connected externally...