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I started my career 6 years ago using Microstation V8i, and 3 years ago I switched to Microstation Connect. Since I switched to Connect I have noticed that the File menu is painfully slow. It's been frustrating me for years, but it's always been bearable. Recently, circumstances have forced me to work from home over a VPN connection. And since then the File menu has been MUCH slower. It got me thinking about what might be the problem. I hypothesized that the problem is the time it takes to load the thumbnails of my recently opened files. If I'm right, it is basically opening my last 10 dgns every time I open the File menu.

So I am trying to find a way to disable the recent files in the File menu, or at least disable the drawing previews that appear there. I'm not sure if this is possible. Can someone tell me if there are any Configuration Variables, or any other settings, that do this?

Outside of that, can anyone can give evidence for or against the hypothesis? Although I suppose that would be outside the scope of this post.

Edit: Microstation CONNECT Update 13 - Version

  • Hi Corey,

    You should follow forum best practices and infor us which version of Connect Edition you're using

    In CE going to Backstage \ Help \ About Microstation and find the version in the form of [ 10.xx.xx.xx ] or faster writing ab in Search Ribbon on top right side.

    Another way is to type in the key-in: version and the Message Center on the bottom will present the version being used.

    Can someone tell me if there are any Configuration Variables

    You can disable Model picker with this variable:


    In fact this picker is defected and so far is not working apart from when was release back in U10 (I believe). Since U11 that this is broken - Defect 995803.

    You should get faster opening times of Backstage with this turned off, but I bet you need a faster response time.

    You can even remove files that you don't want so see more (until you open them the next time) by RMB (right mouse button) on top of them and use Remove from list.

    You can always open your files with CTRL+O and create new ones witth CTRL+N

    Apart from this, people are getting better opening times of backstage. It depends of your configuration, and now working from home it's even worst.

    Please follow this links here and here for help. If working with an HP Z class PC search here for help.

    Hope this helps and regards


  • Thank you for the suggestion. I updated the original post with my version number.

    I tried MS_STARTSCREEN_SHOWMODELPICKER. It did not exist so I created it and set the value to 0. Restarted Microstation. No change. Still 20 seconds to load Backstage.

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