Microstation CONNECT - Disable Recent Files In File Menu

I started my career 6 years ago using Microstation V8i, and 3 years ago I switched to Microstation Connect. Since I switched to Connect I have noticed that the File menu is painfully slow. It's been frustrating me for years, but it's always been bearable. Recently, circumstances have forced me to work from home over a VPN connection. And since then the File menu has been MUCH slower. It got me thinking about what might be the problem. I hypothesized that the problem is the time it takes to load the thumbnails of my recently opened files. If I'm right, it is basically opening my last 10 dgns every time I open the File menu.

So I am trying to find a way to disable the recent files in the File menu, or at least disable the drawing previews that appear there. I'm not sure if this is possible. Can someone tell me if there are any Configuration Variables, or any other settings, that do this?

Outside of that, can anyone can give evidence for or against the hypothesis? Although I suppose that would be outside the scope of this post.

Edit: Microstation CONNECT Update 13 - Version

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