CE Upd. 14: Cell isn't placed at snap point!

When I place a cell it's placed at the cursor position and not at the snap (tentative) point!  PS: This isn't a problem in Update 13 and I'm using MicroStation "out of the box" - without any custom configuration or apps

Try this:

  1.  Start the Place cell tool and choose a cell to be placed
  2.  Do a snap to an element - fx use key-point snap at the end of a line to place the cell origin 
  3.  Before you Accept move the cursor away from the snap point ...notice that if you're using AccuSnap you can only move the cursor a little bit, otherwise you will "loose" the key-point snap. If you're using the "old" snap you're free to move the cursor as long as you wish.
  4.  Now hit Accept (data) and notice that the cell is being placed at the cursor position (not at the end of the line) :-(

Anyone who can confirm this critical problem?

@Bentley: if you can confirm this - please fix this bug A.S.A.P.

Before Accept (after Snap)

After Snap - notice the cell isn't placed at the end of the line :-(

Best regards