Microstation CONNECT Update 14 ( Tag Editor Crashes Program

Has the Tag Editor been completely discontinued?

After updating my Microstation CONNECT to Release 14 last night, I have discovered a problem today.  Every time I attempt to use Tag Editor to update Tags, CONNECT Rel. 14 crashes to my desktop without any warning dialog boxes or anything else that I have noticed.  I cannot recall ever having this prior to upgrading to CONNECT Rel. 14.

We have a cell library with a cell in it that is comprised of several tags. We insert that cell into our .dgn file and then fill out the tags with drawing title block information.  I can no longer use the Tag Editor to change the Tags that are part of this cell.  I am able to use Text Editor successfully.  The Tag Cell itself was created two or three years ago, either in an earlier release of CONNECT or in Microstation V8i SS3, or maybe SS4.

I have attempted to work on the .dgn file on my local drive and a network drive with no success.  I copied a drawing created one week earlier to my local drive and attempted to edit the title block Tags on that drawing with the Tag Editor.  The Tag Editor dialog box came up, fill in with that drawings information.  As soon as I left-clicked on one of the values, CONNECT Rel 14 gave me the spinning "wait" wheel for a second or two and crashed to my desktop.  Text Editor worked without any problem on that drawing as well.

Windows 10.0.17763 Build 17763 , Installed RAM = 16.0 GB, Available Physical Memory = 9.8 GB, Available Virtual Memory = 12.0 GB Page File Space = 2.38 GB

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