Parametric Cell placement issues with custom line styles

Hey all,

I'm working on creating some parametric 2D Cells for our detailing environment in Microstation Connect. I have the cells functioning properly, but I have run across an issue in placing them. I have noticed, unlike other cells, they don't take the active element template properties, and will only take the level name and color properties but will not take the line style properties when placed. I also noticed that if I use a custom line style other than the "out of the box" line styles Bentley provides, I am not able to select the parametric cell once placed. The only way to select it is to press Ctrl A. However, if I place it using any other element template or level with a default line style, I can select it and change it to the level I need with a custom line style and it works just fine. The issue only comes upon placement of the cell

Is anyone else having this issue? I'm trying to determine if I set something up wrong of if Bentley has yet another bug in their product.