Multi-screen display - how to force primary display

I have a three screen system as shown below.

When opening v8i, Microstation's Primary application window appears on Display 1 and the Secondary application window appears on Display 2. I prefer the second window to be on the right of my first so I drag and maximize it to Display 3. After doing a Save Settings, and re-opening, Microstation still returns to the Primary = Display 1 and Secondary = Display 2. How do I force Secondary to Display 2 every time I open Microstation?

In CONNECT, the situation is even worse - Primary opens on Display 2, and Secondary opens on Display 1.

Again, I want Primary on Display 1 and Secondary on Display 3 for both v8i and CONNECT.

Is there anything I can do to achieve this, or do I have to keep dragging Microstation windows around before I start to work?



Windows 10: 10.0.18363