Turn level display on/off in Sheet files for Nested Reference Files


I have a batch process file to turn level display on/off in nested reference attachments. I have sheet files which have a nested reference files to the depth 1. But I am getting an "Unknown Command" error

I have a sheet file named shtz3cs02.dgn which has a reference file named Route 4 Collector.dgn attached to it with nesting depth set to 1.

In the Route 4 Collector file, there are a few references, one of them is ebase.dgn. I am trying to turn off the display for level 62 from the ebase.dgn file in the sheet file. I have the following batch process

reference levels off 62 Route 4 Collector.dgn->ebase.dgn
selview all



save design

This doesn't work and throws me an unknown command error. I am trying to run the batch process because my level display in the sheet file is not syncing with the level display in the reference file.

In the Route 4 Collector file, i haver turned off the display for level 62 in all the views and saved the settings. However, this does not carry through to the sheet file. I have 72 sheet files in total. It would be a pain to go through all the files to just turn off a level. That's the reason I set up the nested reference file.

Any ideas why this would not be working? 

Thank you

Viraj Bham, P.E.

Senior Highway Engineer

Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

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