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This is my first post here.

I wonder about few BIM model functionality things and how/if they are achievable in Microstation.

-Is there an option for hierarchical (tree-like) picklist? 

For example you pick a value from picklist of order 1 and there is new picklist of order 2 showing up corresponding or associated with picklist of order 1. Imagine tree-llike classification of objects. If i pick "bridge" in the first picklist i will get options like "pier, abutment, ..." in the second picklist

-Is there a way to attach a set of attributes according to specific value in already defined atribute.

To explain. For example i pick "concrete object" as a value for object property attribute, this will trigger automatic assigning of a new set of attributes particular for concrete objects. This definately might require some programming, but is this possible? I have seen that there is a place to put formula into attribute value but this is not yet possible in my version of OpenBuilding 

-Is there a way to obtain a property from an associative object into parent object attribute?  

Lets say i have "associatively extracted face" on a smart solid object (concrete structure) and i assign attribute to that face "form work=true". In the parent object property there would be an attribute "formwork area" and there would be a rule set into the value to search for all child objects which are face-like and have attribute formwork=true and sum their areas.

-Is there a way to create arbitrary parent-child relations between any objects?

Associative extraction for edges and faces is a great tool how to assign metadata to parent objects (when solid is modelled as solid but you want to show its length so you just extract an edge and say this represents "meta length" of this solid. But what if i want to create relationship between any object and say this object with no apparent relation with another object, not even touching, is in relationship to embed some arbitrary hierarchy into model. 

-GenerativeComponents for handling metadata and parametric cells ?

I have looked into generative components but have not found any nodes for assigning item types or similar functions for handling model metadata. Above mentioned functionality could be greatly automized via GC like with Revit/Dynamo. Another thing is how to load parametric cell into GC and change its parameters. I can only see a node to load basic static cell.

Thank to any of you for the informative answer :)