Dimension Styles and Terminator Cells

Hey Everyone,

I've been working on resources for our OBM / Microstation CONNECT environment. In testing I recently ran into an issue with my dimension styles. I have created a dgnlib with the dimension styles and have custom terminators on some styles (things like a double arrowhead or an arrowhead with an S shape at the end). The issue I am running into that I can't seem to track down the cause of, is that everything functions normally within the dgnilb, but if I try to use those dimension or callout / note styles, some of those terminators appear off scale, distorted, or just don't show up. Also, whenever a dimension is placed on one of the styles that seem to have that problem, the dgn file seems to create it's own style and I get a message stating "local style does not match the library file". See the attached images. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

The image below is from the actual dgnlib file. Note that each arrowhead is the same size, and everything appears uniform and consistent.

The image below is from a newly created dgn file in a workspace. Note that the double arrowhead is taller and out of scale. Also notice the list in the dimension style editor (BR_DIM_LONG) is different from the library style, but the other dimensions seem to come in just fine. 


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