Solar Exposure Data

Hi All,

I have a questing regarding the Solar Exposure Calculator and the data behind the thematic display style.

As a generic scenario, we have a concept and we would like to calculate the solar exposure for say some typical apartments. 

As an example lets say it is this simple box with a few windows/openings.

We are interested in the amount of solar exposure on the floor on a single day of the year between 9am-3pm.

So running the Solar Exposure Calculator gives us a graphic answer like this:

Which is ok.

With a bit of adjustment to the setting of the displaystyle and turning off the walls and roof we can focus on the floors.

As you can see we are interested in areas that have solar exposure greater than 2hrs so we can just use 2 colours to visually see the impact.

Now for the question:

Is there a way of accessing the data behind this display? Is it stored somewhere in the file or element?

Purpose of this is 2 points.

  1. We need to measure the area of the Red (or the area that receives greater than 2 hours direct solar exposure) in sqm.
  2. The other is I would like to break this down into 15min data. I set this during the output so I was hoping this data would be available. Reasoning behind this is a guide that indicates within the time period 9am-3pm the direct solar exposed area for a 15min period must be greater than 1sqm.  

I could export multiple models every 15min to get the information needed in point 2 if we could measure the area in point 1 but it would be nice not to have to export all those models if we could analyse the data.

Any help would be appreciated



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