Reference setting Display Overrides not working

Using OpenRoads Designer 2020 Release 2 which is built upon Microstation CONNECT update 13.

I have a container file that is referencing files A B and C. This container file is referenced into a sheet file, Live nesting depth 1. The reference setting Display Overrides is set to never so that I can control the display of all of my sheets from the container file. This setting is not working - in the example I provide in the attached Zip file - the sheet file has no levels displayed even though all levels are displayed in the container.....

I'm sure this is something incredibly simple but I'm not even sure where to look...


It works....The issue ended up being a configuration variable. I was making changes trying to fix another issue. I went back to an old config file and the levels were displayed as expected. 

Now I just wish I knew which config variable gave me the issue....


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  • Thank you so much for your help. I believe I am on the right track to a workaround with your solution. So I had to created a saved view using the "general" option in my container file. And for a couple hours it worked. Somehow it stopped working, so I had to go into each sheet and detach and attach the reference and apply the view when I was attaching. So now i think it is working (I hope) but it is not working when I open the file in Microstation Connect. 

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