Is there a way to SHIFT+Right Click and pull up a menu where you want your drawing line to snap to?

I was wondering if there was a way to have the option like when drafting in AutoCAD, in the middle of drawing a line you can SHIFT+Right Click and see the menu to choose from. Like if I wanted to draw from mid between 2 points? Can you get MicroStation to do this somehow? 

  • Yes! If you go to the menu and select Workspace -> Button Assignments, you can change what mouse button combinations bring up which menus The "Action" you want to assign is "inputmanager menu tentativepopup"

    And in case you were wondering, the "Action" for middle-button panning is "pan drag" (in case that hasn't been set up for you)


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  • Also you can open the tentative buttonbar and place that somewhere in your screen permanently to save yourself a bunch of keyboard/mouse-actions. I recommend this if you have a lot of screen real estate.
    And there's the Multisnap too, wich allows you to have several snaps at once, so you do not even have to switch between snapmodes. You can customize three Multisnaps to your needs.

    An all this can be done while drawing your line.

    But what MaryB described will probably bring back more of that acad feeling.

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  • Neither of these posts from Ivo nor Mary, while helpful don't  actually answer the posters request  specifically to find a point midway inspace between to lines or objects, this is very easy to do in acad as they have a built in snap for it, but requires a couple of accudraw and accusnap steps to achieve , I use the o for origin on one point then o for origin on the second point you now have the distance in the accudraw window  so you can  just  use half the distance .. , but the distance  between o's is in dialogue and  add the /2  give then next origin  accudraw snap... and start drawing  yep a lot of steps compared to autocad special snap feature  also we need to lock axis on with enter and direction

    its only 2 Origin  points and text keyin /2 but  must have accudraw on and accusnaps enabled.

    Maybe somebody  could work a faster method and put it a vba?  or better work flow...  


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  • Well, the poster asked about the Ctrl-Right click snap menu, and I did answer that...

    Lorys is right - there's not an actual snap for Midpoint between two points, but it's easy to get with Accudraw. Like they said, make sure your Accudraw is enabled, and set it to Polar mode.
    Snap to the first point, but don't accept that point - type "O" instead.
    Then snap to the other point (don't accept that point either).
    Go to the Accudraw window, and click in the distance portion and type "/2". That will automatically divide that distance by two so you can left click to accept that point.

    I actually prefer this to the Mid between 2 in AutoCAD because I can use any divisor or multiplier. Like if I needed one third the distance, or if I wanted to go twice as far. Accudraw will perform simple mathematics on distances (+-*/) or angles, so you don't need to calculate them out beforehand.


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  • I am still trying to figure out how to get this menu to pull up that shows the snap points? I know it doesn't have mid b/w 2 points, but I still want to have this option in the middle of drawing lines and I can SHIFT+Right-Click and have this menu pop up that you recommended. I went to the WorkSpace>Button Assignments as shown below and chose that option and hit OK, but I don't see where it says SHIFT+Right-Click, it says SHIFT+Tentative, which I am assuming is the same thing when in the middle of a command? But I still SHIFT+Right-Click when drafting and the only options I get are like Reset, Quick-Save, Quickset Recall, Displayset, Fit View, Window Area and Zoom in and that's about it, no option that shows EndPoint, MidPoint, Center, Nearest or like you had recommended? I'm sure I am just missing something that you will amazingly help me out with?

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