Can I create MText that is Formatted with bullets and/or numbering?

I was wondering if there was a way to create multi-line text like AutoCAD let's you do? So in AutoCAD, you can create text via the MTEXT and you can format the text with rows, columns, auto-adjust, manual, bullets, numbering and unlimited possibilities. But the guy I asked around in the office I just started in says he doesn't know how to do that and he just does his text via the regular text dialog where every time you hit return its its own single line, which is annoying if I am creating notes in a drawing and I have 85 notes and then the engineer removes a few, then I have to renumber and move everything every time. In AutoCAD I can just delete the notes and the numbering will adjust accordingly and I can move the columns and rows to fit my real estate. Thanks in advance.

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