Bug with Parametric Cells

Hey everyone,

This is an informational post regarding bug initially found in OpenBridge Modeler release The reason it's being put in the MicroStation forum is that the bug is seemingly an issue with the underlying MicroStation Platform (PowerPlatform 14). The recent findings were initially added to a conversation about a previous bug relating to this issue, so make sure you check out the linked conversation below.

This post is intended to better track the new issue as it is now separate from the previous issue (initially mentioned in the post below as well)

The issue is as follows:

In OpenBridge Modeler (and potentially MicroStation and OpenRoads Designer) when placing a parametric Cell, it will not take on the active level attributes other than the name. it will come in on a line style 0 and color 0. Even placing it, selecting the element, and manually trying to modify the level, line style or color won't change it. Graphic and point cells function properly, but parametric cells do not. I tried changing the attributes in the cell library and seeing if it comes over into the new dgn file with those attributes but it reverts back to linestyle and color 0.