Q - is there a way how to copy element to which is linked text field and create also new field linked to this new object?

I have, say about 100, same objects. I created new one - color fill and linked it to text field (its area). now I want to copy this fill into all other objects and would like to create new text fields linked to each new fill object. is there a way in MS, be it V8i or CE, to achieve this?


  • What version of MicroStation are you using?

    is there a way in MS, be it V8i or CE

    Probably MicroStation CONNECT only: V8 doesn't have an API for TextFields in any programming language.  In CONNECT, there is no VBA API.

    So you're left with MicroStation CONNECT C++ or .NET.  You'll have to write your own AreaCopy tool.

    By the way, if you had started with AreaAnnotator, it would have taken care of most of that for you. 

    AreaAnnotator CONNECT Edition

    AreaAnnotator tags an area feature (e.g. DGN shape element) with various Item Type properties (say, AreaType, Purpose, or ID) and element properties (Area and Perimeter).  Based on a tag value you can resymbolise the DGN element using one of MicroStation's tools, or write some VBA (VBA has an API for Item Types, even though it lacks a TextField API).

    Regards, Jon Summers
    LA Solutions