[Powerdraft CE 14.2] Accudraw snap sensitivity way higher than in older PD (and MS) versions (multi-snap mode)

I have Powerdraft CE 14.2 German installed and overall it works fine. Just noticed that in some occasions it behaves different than the old CE 10:

When I want to add extra vertices to polygon areas the new vertex isn't added to where the cursor is but uses Accudraw. I've always been using multisnap mode (intersection, center, keypoint), Accudraw is active. So whenever I try to insert a new handle snap center is used as standard/priority snap mode. In the older versions I could just go to near the edge of the polygon area and click and had the new vertex inserted right there and then move it to the desired location. I tried various feel settings but it seems that the snap modes behave way stickier than they used to. Can anyone confirm this behaviour or help me? It's a bit of a nuisance to use the workaround "activate AccuDraw" and hit the N key (for nearest) for each extra vertex.

CE 14:

Now the same file in PD V8i SS10:

  • I renamed this topic as I think it has more to do with Accudraw sensitivity than with vertex/handles.

    I noticed a drastic increase of sensitivity compared to older versions even with the same feel settings.

    This happens when I just want to extend a line along its direction just next to a square polygon with my usual multisnap (center, intersection, keypoint) turned on. This was never the case up until CE10 (which I had last installed).

  • Just another addition: my colleague observed the same behaviour with Microstation CE 14 (the one before the service update), so it's not something file- or machine-specific.

    Should I file a service request?

  • This program behaviour seriously stinks. Why on earth did this change?

    I can hardly hit Enter to lock the direction. I use exactly the same settings as in V8i and PD CE 10.

  • If anyone's interested in following this subject: there's SR 7001134975.