[Powerdraft CE 14.2] Keyboard shortcuts don't work after switching programs with ALT+TAB

Powerdraft 14.2 (clean install, no old files reused), Windows 10 64bit (current update).

Quite often I have to make some measurements in a drawing and enter the values in another software, be it for tenders or structural analysis. I usually use the "draw line" or "draw circle" commands as I can perform simple mathematic operations when I have to scale down the measurement. From CE10 on the keyboard shortcuts wouldn't work right away when I returned from the other software (normally switching windows with ALT+TAB). I always have to click on "refresh drawing" before I can use the keyboard shortcuts. In CE10 this happened with every fourth/fifth drawing, in CE14.2 with every single drawing. Sometimes the shortcuts (defined in the funckey-file) won't even work until I have clicked on the tool in the tasks window. Was there any change in CE14.2 concerning this behaviour?