ORD/Connect: how to work in the coordinates of a Lat/Long drawing?

This is probably more than one question, but I will try to keep it as simple as I can.

I am trying to work with USGS Quad Maps. As we all know, the USGS version of GeoPDF isn't recognized by MicroStation. I am trying to bring them in scale them, and move them to the correct Lat/Long.

I assigned the GCS to be LL84. I get a message about changing the units to degrees, so I say OK. That sounds like what I want.

I read the Wiki article https://communities.bentley.com/products/microstation/w/askinga/4579/entering-latitude-longitude-values
But when I try to change the running coordinates to ACS Position, I get an error message "The coordinates are outside the valid range of the GCS"

I haven't even done anything. There are no elements in the drawing. No rasters attached. Why would the coordinates of the GCS (as an ACS) be outside the range of the GCS?

Is that wiki obsolete now?

  • Do you know the long lats  coords you want?

    Is there a calculator or coord conversion program on line to convert to UTM E & N that you know is in Mstn and a usable datum for you in usa like state plane etc

    open a new drawing set to the UTM datum  draw your  reference points then attach raster  interactive..

    Now you can ref attach this to a  new drawing that has  LL wgs 84


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