I had been advised by Bentley that "If nothing major happens update 15 should be released beginning of October", so as it's well passed the beginning of October then I'm guessing that something has happened.

Could someone from Bentley confirm when U15 is likely to be released?



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  • Hi Gregory,

    thanks for your feedback. As Jan suggested, being specific on both defects to be fixed and enhancements - with numbers if already logged and known - is definitely helpful for us to prioritize.

    New features and functionality requests (even if an enhancement was already filed) can be posted in the ideas forum where other users can vote them and we can gauge how pervasive the new feature will be, which will again be helpful to us.

    I would be happy to hear more about your requests for missing functionalities in Item Types, we have the one you mentioned here noted and we have just released a new Expression Builder for Item Types expression in Update 15.

  • Marco, I would be happy about requests for rectifying minor defects to be implemented within less than three or four years before any new "enhancements" are released. It would be great if Bentley listened to what everyday users need in terms of basic behaviour. It's not as if I wouldn't appreciate the new features (not at all) but it feels like Bentley just doesn't care.

    For instance I don't know how often I reported a wrong tab jump order and loss of window focus when executed within the German settings of "insert cell". Yes, I do have a workaround (use the mouse....) but it's annoying and should be fixed within a short time.