Microstation and Bentley View do not show tags otherwise visible in DWG

I have sets of dwg files that represent the cabeling of an electical distribution cabinet. they com from external sources - some "non-RealDWG" software.

Once in a while - when the cabeling is changed the plans need to be edited. There are about 30 or 50 pages that later need to become one multipage document.

Sample file: +UVT2_7.DWG

While looking into the files with microStation (or Bentley View) the Tags are not shown. When you look into A...desk TrueView the tags are visible though. ???

The tags are set to not "visible" when you check out the settings. But there is a tagset for each and every symbol - so it becomes a drag to switch them on. Worse is that the settin is  gone again when you save the file. Even when you drop the block to a cell. Even when you "change tags droptext"... I got lost in that.

I filed SrvReqNo:[7001048374] (in German) but got not much until now.

A workaround I finally found:

Use save as (as another DWG or DGN) with the opion>Filter "Tags" switched of. This results is that the tags to become visible plain text.

I wonder if anybody had that issue with DWGs.

( I would like to present you with english screenshots but last time I switched the interface language I lost my localized language option and had to uninstall and reinstall CE completely....)