Crashing when Copying/Pasting elements that contain a raster or reference file

A standard part of our plan setup process is to copy our template title blocks into our plan sheets and scale.  Our title blocks frequently have image files in them, whether an 811 call before you dig image file or a required client logo.  In SelectSeries 4  we have always been able to go through this process and when pasted MicroStation would add the image file into the Raster Manager.

There are also many instances wen we use a reference file, scaled down, as a key map.  To speed things up we copy the key map to the clipboard and paste to other plan sheets.  Like the raster, Microstation automatically adds the key map to the reference manager.

Both of these processes now cause Microstation to crash, on some computers it's an instant close as soon as you hit paste, on others it hangs up for a long time then crashes.

One thing I have noticed, when referencing in a plan sheet with nested references I can use the copy element command to copy the key map reference from the reference to the active design and Microstation ads it to the reference manager.  So the process is still possible with a workaround but the copy/paste is problematic.

We also tried creating the title blocks as cells, but Microstation doesn't allow images in the cells, so that's no good either

We are using Microstation CONNECT Update 14 V. 10.1402.01